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WARNING: Mature content

We make our way to my room trying to be fairly quiet and not laugh too loudly, but it's not even remotely successful. I guess we're the type of people who get silly when we drink. "Hoseok keep it down. Do you know how much that voice of yours travels? You're too loud." "Look who's talking. You know, you're not much better." I smack his arm. "Shut up, I'm no where near as loud as you!" We end up laughing again and completely give up on being quiet. It doesn't matter anyway since we're close to my room. "Just to serve as a warning I'm going to tell you that I've been staying here a couple days and didn't plan on having someone in here. So try not to notice the mess." "I'll do my best." I open the door and we walk in. "What mess? There's nothing on the floor or anything." "Thank you maids! They'll be getting a good tip that's for sure; because it was a definitely worse than this." I walk over and sit on the bed. "Oh! And they brought me the pillow." I hug it and fall backwards onto the bed. He sits down next to me. "Actually they brought you two." I giggle as I roll over onto my stomach and lay my head on the pillow. "What's so funny about two pillows." "It's like they knew I'd have company. I bet it was the guy at reception since he saw us walk off to the bar together. He's nosy." He falls backward lying down next to me. "But maybe it's fate." I press my face into the pillow to keep myself from laughing too loud. I laugh for a good ten seconds and then stop. Once I catch my breath I look at him and see that he looks pretty lost. "I'm sorry. I have to ask though, are you aware of how lame that sounded?" He sort of pouts. "That stings a little. I thought I was being pretty romantic." "Maybe if it wasn't about hotel pillows that would have worked. But I prefer having fun rather than being romanced anyway. I like laughing." "You're pretty different, especially when you laugh at other people's honest attempts to be romantic." "Oh, don't be so sensitive. And yes, I'm strange. I've been hearing it my whole life and I've decided to just embrace it." "Has it worked for you?" "Well, it got you here didn't it." He laughs lightly. "Okay, I'll give you that. Weirdness has helped me too. I consider it a higher form of creativity." "Never thought of it that way. Now I have something to respond with when people tell me I'm crazy." "What time is it?" I snicker. "Time to get a watch." "And you call me lame!" "That was lame with the intention of being lame. There's a big difference. Anyway, it's about 11:45." "That bar closed really early." "It's the middle of the week that's why. That's also why it was pretty dead." "Oh. I guess I don't go to bars very much to think of things like that." "You figure things out as you go. As with most things in life." "You're only two years older than me. Don't act like you know everything about everything." "You can learn a lot in just two years." "Yeah, I guess." His phone beeps and he pulls it out of his pocket. Looking at it with irritation as he reads a text. "Something wrong?" He turns it on silent. "No. It's fine. It was just someone from the group." "The person you talked to earlier?" He sighs as he leans over me to set it on the night stand. "No, different guy." "Giving you a hard time?" He lays back down on his side. "Something like that." I roll over so I'm facing him. "Am I causing you trouble?" He closes his eyes. "Not at all." "You're lying." He keeps his eyes closed as he puts his arm around my waist and pulls me closer. "I am, but you're worth the trouble." "I am?" He opens his eyes and they look like they're filled purely with want. "You are."
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