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You never think it could happen to you.

Whenever you hear the term 'stroke', it's usually associated with someone much older in age. Well, it turns out that more women are prone to suffering a stroke at the beauty salon due to what is called 'beauty parlor syndrome'. Sounds like something you would hear about in a sci-fi film, right? It's more realistic than you think. Elizabeth Smith of San Diego visited Blowbunny Salon to get her hair done and not even a few days later, she suffered a massive stroke. Apparently, it all has to do with the way your head is positioned in the washing bowl. Does your stylist support your neck with towels while shampooing you? If not, she should probably start.
According to BuzzFeed, 'hyperextension of the neck can cause arteries to get cut or torn.' While 'beauty parlor syndrome' is extremely rare, it's still real and deadly. Head of stroke research at Johns Hopkins, Steven R. Zeiler, MD, PhD said, "When one of those cervical arteries is damaged in some sort of way, you can get what's called a dissection, which is damage of the inside of the blood vessel, leading to abnormal flow and clotting, and then those clots can shoot north into the brain and cause a stroke." So, next time you're sitting at that shampoo bowl, do yourself a favor and ask for extra towels.

What do you think about this?

Do you think women should take precaution when it comes to the hair salon?
I agree!!!! My neck would hurt so bad afterwards 馃槴 @MyAffairWith
Yeah, it's definitely uncomfortable. I rather just wash my own hair at home. Too risky, but then again -- what's not risky these days? @Animaniafreak
Oh my! I'll be careful with my neck next time!!
Yes, I stopped letting them shampoo my hair because my neck always hurt after they did. I definitely think women should take precautions.
Yeah! I used to always have neck pain as well. I rather just wash my own hair @humairaa
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