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You've heard it before.

'Stop acting like my mother'. When we are in a relationship and you tend to have a natural authoritative personality, sometimes you can come off slightly more mother-ish than girlfriend like. Something as simple as asking your significant other what time he will be returning can be a bit off putting when you're playing the role of his mother instead of his girlfriend.
Whether a man has a strong relationship with his mother or not, he will find you pulling the 'mom card' rather annoying and off putting. If this sounds like you or you're not too sure if you fall under this category, keep scrolling to see the signs that show you're acting like the woman who gave birth to him more than the woman who gave him her number.

You Question Him About Everything

From what he's wearing to why he's going out with the fellas so late, you've asked it -- but if he's not your mom, do you have the right? He's a grown man.

He Let's You Call The Shots

He got so used to you making plans, he doesn't even try anymore. You're the boss in his eyes.

He Let's You Know Straight Up

You don't even have to assume he feels like you eat him like he's your son because he has voiced his feelings ons several occasions.

A Curfew Is Always Necessary

If he's out with his friends you will call him one million times just to make sure he is coming home at a decent time.

What do you think about the 'mom-girlfriend' epidemic?

Oi! I have a friend that's like this with her bf. She just needs to realize that not everyone is perfect and controlling someone can make things worse!
I hate that
Oh my god, the mom-girlfriend epidemic is awful haha. I cringe when I see that dynamic in a relationship - but I guess it just works for some people.
@jordanhamilton don't get me wrong there is some aspects that I get that's fine no problem I have no trouble on it, but for me if I tell you 2 to 3 days before hand of the plan and that it might change and the time I'm going home, don't expect me not to be pissed when you call asking the question I answered, this has happened before and I lost my voice after the yelling so yeah.
@jordanhamilton I was locked down when I was small I'm not having it that's an automatic breakup for me
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