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If you don't already know, prepare to become aware.

This month is #WomensHistoryMonth, but I'm making it my duty to celebrate women every single day of the year. While doing my daily perusing of the internet, I stumbled across an article by HuffPost that warmed my heart because women are so powerful. We go through so much, yet we are overcomer's at the end of the day.
Confidence is a huge part of life that some of us just can't seem to find in ourselves, but it's there. Sometimes you have to dig a bit deeper to get to the core. These amazing women featured below dish on what gives them confidence. Keep scrolling to hear their stories and see if you can relate.

Swana, 43, Zambian/British

'Swana gets by with a little help from her friends -- whether that’s during an evening out with the girls in London’s Mayfair neighborhood or brunch in Notting Hill Gate. “My best friends are my strength,” she says, “my backbone. Around them I am authentically me.”'

Aleali, 22, American

'As one of Complex magazine’s “25 Under 25: The New Young Leaders of Style,” and with more than 100,000 Instagram followers, stylist and blogger Aleali knows a thing or two about feeling fierce. "Having self-awareness and an open mind gives me confidence," Aleali says.'

Breanna, 22, American

'While hair can be a major hot-button issue for women of color, Breanna -- known to her 220,000 YouTube subscribers as Mini Marley -- found confidence in her curls: "My curls, coils and kinks give me confidence! Embracing my natural hair allowed me to express myself through the endless versatility of my texture. When I'm rocking a fierce fro or a frizzy ’frohawk, I couldn't be more confident!"'

Katie, 28, American

'Katie’s award-winning blog, Martinis and Mascara, recently celebrated its fourth anniversary, and positive self-talk played no small part in helping her reach that milestone. “For me, the best way to be confident is to believe that you are,” Katie explains. “I use positive affirmations to keep my confidence levels high. I even have alarms set on my phone with some of my favorites for consistent encouragement. Adding bold red lipstick always helps, too!”'

Joan, 78, South African

'The motto, “Ou lap se rooi maak mooi,” an Afrikaans saying meaning “a little piece of red” -- like a swipe of power lipstick -- “makes everything better,” has served Joan well for years. She also urges younger women to take care of themselves: “Keep up all the good habits you learned when you were young, and never go to bed with your makeup on!”'

Jenny, 33, American

'As the founder of Los Angeles style blog Good, Bad & Fab and a former contestant on “The Amazing Race,” Jenny finds that exercise is just the thing for a winning attitude. “My confidence … comes from making the effort to keep my mind, body and spirit in the best shape possible through regular workouts. I alternate between yoga, SoulCycle, and cardio training to keep my endorphins high and body fat low!”'

Where does your confidence come from?

What are you most confident about?
Hmm I think confidence comes from knowing that you can't control everything, and being ok with that. It's like @LAVONYORK said, about just having an inner strength to deal with something for yourself.
My confidence comes from deep within. At times I have to look for it because I do lose it at times. Being through so much in my early 20's from health issues and disagreements with family, I built most of my confidence off of that.
Another great and amazing person that I love Mind Kahling said something great about confidence that I still remember. She said something along the lines of "confidence is knowing that you worked hard to achieve something, and you own it." I love that confidence can come from hard work and knowing you are doing your best!
haha, that's totally fine :) @jlee37
Can I plead the fifth on this?
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