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Pick a song for March! It can be any song and sorry if I forgot some songs there are so much songs out there so I just picked some that people have heard of.
Mamamoo: You're the best!
B.A.P: Feel so good!
Aoa cream: I'm jelly baby!
Taemin: Press your number!
Gfriend: Rough!
WJSN(Cosmic girls): Mo Mo Mo (This group remind me of exo)
Knk: Knock!
ASTRO: Hide and Seek!
Red velvet: One of these Night's!
K.will: You call it romance!
Clc: High heels!
Fiestar: Mirror!
Dasoni: Only one (Sojin and Hani)
Gary ft Gaeko: Lonely night!
Teen top: Warning Sign!
Seventeen vocal group: Chocolate!
ImPact: Lollipop!
4minute: Hate!
Ladies Code: Galaxy! (Love to Rise and Eunbi)^^
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B.A.P feel so good, Gfriend rough, seventeen vocals group chocolate, K.will you call it romance, and Astro hide and seek all of my favorite groups and singer!!!!!