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Out the 7 which one would you choose as your duet for 2016!^^
Jimin ft Xiumin: Call you bae
Wendy and Eric nam: Spring love
Suzy and Baekhun: Dream
Sunyoul and Yuju: Cherish
D.O x Yoon Young Jin: Tell me(What is love)
Zico ft Luna: It was Love
Crush ft Taeyeon: Don't Forget
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Spring love was honest to god my favorite so far. the only other ones I've listened to were Dream and Call you bae, but they didnt really hit me with the "omg i love this" vibe, but none the less they are good songs.
@DestineeLiu true true
Call you bae or dream bcs of exo HA
But my son sunyoul is crushing our hearts so...