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I wanted to make a card of Korean singers or groups that are under rated or overlooked.
Soohyun from Ukiss. He recently went solo and released a song. Known in the groups for his powerful vocals and often joked about that he's old enough to have been apart of Super Junior. This groups is not very famous in South Korea and has been unactive for about a year.
Hoon ( 훈) is also another member from Ukiss who went solo after his leader. He's my bias and I absolutely love his voice!
this is a new group who debuted in 2015. Many people don't know about about them due to they are not the typical girl group who wears skimpy clothes and sing song with no meaning. They not only have amazing individual voices but they have many very strong dances who could out dance any guy group. I attached both their debut song as well as a dance cover of exo.
I hope you enjoy the videos and maybe support The Ark cause they are a amazing group that should be loved more!!!
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yes! all of them are so talented!! 😊😊