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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! To one of the most beautiful Asian male idols ever!!! This man is gorgeous and tall to boot. I love his eyes and smile the most. He reminds me of a Japanese Mark, since he is Japanese not Korean. I first found him in the show The Lover, which he was great in too cute I fell for him then even if he was playing a gay character. Then I found his group Cross Gene and I've been addicted ever since. I thought he was Korean at first until I looked up information on him and found he was Japanese so yeah...I hope he has a good birthday and I can't wait to see more from this man...
omg he's gorgeous and talented and has a smile that could light up a room. Have you seen him in Jooyoung and Hyolyn's mv "Empty" ? Sexiest bartender ever... ready to travel for beer.
yass cross gene!!! happy birthday to that little spunk! 😍