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I've been tagged numerous times on this and I've been wanting to do it, I just haven't had time until now... Anyways, here are facts about me!
× My name is Michelle (duh) × I'm 5'1 ; - ; × I live in the southern part of Texas (Mexico is just 30 minutes away!) × I DO NOT have an accent (there's nothing bad with having one, but a lot of people ask me if I have one and after a while it got annoying. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with this.) × I do these things called 'themes' because they're pretty and I like editing stuff (they can be seen on the covers of my collections (my theme right now is black and white overall and paper cranes on collections)) × I play various instruments that include; Violin (seen on the last picture is my baby), Saxophone, Guitar, drums, and piano × I don't like being the center of attention, but that doesn't mean I like it when people talk over me × I listen to music 90% of the time and I'm open to any type of music × While I'm not that much into sports, (I do play though) I'm more into the fine arts as I'm in Theatre Arts, Mariachi and band × I love singing, rapping, dancing, composing music, and drawing × I'm learning how to skateboard × When I grow up I want to either go in as a musician or an anthropologist
× I've been told that I'm a very mysterious person (in real life) and that I'm very unpredictable × I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Twilight, The Lord of the Rings, Resident Evil, Underworld, Percy Jackson, and Batman × I love anime! Some of my favorites are; Clannad, Attack On Titan, Kaze No Stigma, and Naruto × I watch a lot of forensic files and I love reading about Greek Mythology! (Thespis, Nyx and Icarus are my favorite) × I love ballads × I love gardening~ (some of my favorite flowers shown on the left) × I love cooking and I'm often hungry, like right now haha
I'd say Jin and Kookie!
I also say Kookie xD
Definitely feel like Hobi would be a lovely suit for you :) I'd feel like you'd balance each other out very well due to him bringing out the colors inside of you and you mellowing him out from time to time. Plus the two of you would be so cute together! 😍❤❤👏
koookieeeeeeee ㅋㅋ because he's cute and adorbs just like you bunny keke~ i didn't know you were into gardening 😄