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Raphaela Rosella is a documentary photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. Following on from We met a little early but I get to love you longer, her new series You didn’t take away my future, you gave me a new one urges us deeper still into the world of three young (Australian) mothers: Nunjul, Tammara and Rowrow. Exploring the realities of cyclic disadvantage and limited choice, a certain quietness within the images begs us to take our time and take a long look—not only at the images, but at ourselves, urging us to question our readiness to pass judgement, to stigmatise, to stereotype. With a profound clarity and gentleness of vision, Rosella tells a story of loss and of hope, of vulnerability and of resilience. You didn’t take away my future, you gave me a new one is an account of love, of waiting, and of the passing of time.
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This is such a good portrait project, I am really into portraits of the people, and you can read different story in their face !!
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