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Chapter 12~ Sehun

~Edinburgh 1994~

I walked into the shop that had books on the shelf, toys on the ground and other things around the shop. I met eyes to a middle age guy, who was standing behind the counter. I smiled at him and he smiled back with a nod. I made my way to the sitting area to sit down but before I sat I grabbed a children's book to read to Sehun. I sat down and got comfortable as I began to read. When I was done reading, I gentley glided my fingertips over his sleeping face. I smiled with tears in my eyes know that Sehun is my last boy. That I will be giving birth to a girl soon. I rocked side to side with Sehun in my arms when the middle age guy came to me. "Excuse me Miss, I'm about to close the shop now." he said as I nod and got up. When I got out of the shop, I made sure he didn't see me set Sehun down at the door step. "Sehun mommy loves you very much and I wish you a better life as a kid. I hope you can save mommy when your older along with your eleven brother's and your little sister." I kissed his forehead and teleported away. ~Person's p.o.v~ After the lady left I went around to clean up before I locked up. It didn't take me long to clean up. I put my hat on and stepped out of the shop. I locked the door and turned to see a basket in front of me. I bent down to look inside and saw the baby that the Miss was holding. I looked up to see if I could find her but I couldn't. I looked back down at the baby. I stood up and grabbed the handle of the basket and went home with the baby. When I got home. I took the baby out and carried him to my room where I placed him down on the bed. I tucked him in blankets and placed pillows around so he won't roll off the bed. I went back to living room so I can let the baby rest. As I walked in I noticed a white envelope on the floor. I bent down to pick it up and read it. I also had the necklace in my hand and decided to keep Sehun.
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