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If you can believe it, the picture above is an actual picture and not a screenshot of a redesign of Final Fantasy XIII character, Lightning. In the most inquisitive and not creepy at all way I spent a good part of my morning staring at these photos.
Cosplayer Kilory truly brought Lightning to life and it makes me think about that Lightning being Louis Vuitton's latest spokesperson thing that happened a couple of months ago. And maybe Louis Vuitton should contact Kilory to cosplay as Lightning if they ever want their weird cross-promotional marketing thing to enter the real world, right?
You can check out more photos below but if you want to see the full size pictures, you can check out Kilory's gallery here.
Also tagging all my VG buddies!
damn, she really gets the lifeless eyes down
Wow! She looks amazing! The detail on the costume is great! Her other cosplays are really good, too!
Wow! I'm lost for words! She looks great!
This is amazing!!!
Wow this is amazing! I'm always amazed by the amount of detail in cosplays!
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