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It's looks like Kylie isn't the only one in the lipstick business.

Kim Kardashian is collaborating with every makeup junkies favorite lipstick maven Charlotte Tilbury to launch a lipstick for Tilbury's 'Hot Lips' lipsticks. The line of lipsticks launched in 2013 and consists of twelve lipsticks. Seriously, what other person to choose to work with than Kim K -- right? Kim is known for her infamous nude lip that we have all grown to drool over constantly, but let the drooling began because now you can rock a nude just like Kim.
Charlotte spoke on Kim being an iconic figure in the world of television and social media. She also went on to say, "Kim is the queen of the nude lip, and this vintage inspired pale pink nude makes lips look instantly fuller, and irresistible." Purchasing this amazing lipstick will send proceeds to the charity, Women for Women. So take out your wallets and be sure to follow the hashtag #lipstickconfidence on social media.

What do you think? Would you invest in Kim's lipstick?

The color definitely is breathtaking.
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haha, at least you're honest @petname83
Is that even a question? Of course i would!!
I think the color is amazing! @humairaa
@jordanhamilton of course the colour is amazing! Kim n kylie have always got the best shades of lipsticks!
I agree, they do a great job choosing practical shades @humairaa