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You all have been exposed to one of my favorite bands The Libertines, over and over again, but have you actually listened to them yet? If the answer is no, you'd better reconsider.
Whenever I'm gearing up for a wild evening with friends, I always put on my favorite lads from the UK. It's perfect party music for the thinking guy or gal. Seriously, you won't be disappointed!

Alright, let's let the boys in the band take it away!

1. What a Waster

A cautionary tale abut excess, this song is one of the few that gives partying a conscience. The beat is pure exhilaration though, and you won't be able to stop yourself from bopping around the bar or kitchen or wherever you have taken residence for the weekend. Pay close attention to the lyrics in the chorus.
Best Lyric: "Where does all the money go? Straight up her nose."

2. Up The Bracket

If you want to dance, and bop and sing and laugh there is no track like Up The Bracket. From Pete Doherty's unintelligible screaming to the rockabilly chorus, you won't be able to get this song out of your head. Make sure to turn it up extra loud for added effect. Don't spill your gin!
Best lyric: "Well they didn't like that much I can tell you, said sunshine I would n want to be in your shoes"

3. The Delaney

You'll be screaming this chorus for hours after you listen. It's one of those songs that you don't know how catchy it really is until you forget about it for a while. The Delaney is an ode to letting everything hang out, whether it's good or terrible. Make sure to have a few shots on hand as you'll be wanting to take them immediately after listening.
Best Lyric: "Some people run from trouble, some people meet it half way."

4. Barbarians

The chorus of this song is pretty much the anthem for all Libertines fans. Our goal is to have a great time, and party with like-minded people. Some may say that our behavior is irresponsible and downright barbaric. That's where this song comes in! So scream and laugh and make sure your neighbors hear you.
Best Lyric: "All I want is to scream out loud, and have it out with a mental crowd, cause I believe, somehow the world's fucked but it won't get me down."

5. Horrorshow

This classic is perfect for the people who take everything a bit too far. Don't put this song on unless you want your group of friends to go absolutely nuts. Horrorshow is another darkly twisted Libertines track about the dangers of drugs and partying. But when you're in the moment it masquerades as a rollicking rock track that charges you to push things a step further.
Best Lyric: She said I'll show you a picture, a picture of tomorrow there's nothing changing, it's all sorrow. Oh no please don't show me, I'm a swine and you don't want to know me.
@JayZK here are more bangers for you to check out!
Well, now you've got me interested in these guys. These are awesome!
@Patmanmeow dude right!?!? They're probably my favorite band