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First, Seungri calls Daesung who actually picks up.
Then they ask Daesung why the others wouldn't answer their phone.
Taeyang actually answers and once again Seungri is reminded not tell lies, lmao Seungri can't help himself on broadcasting shows.
Then, Seungri calls T.O.P. who is highly confused on why he is calling him.
Finally, Jiyong answers last since he was at the hair salon and didn't know he had received a call. It seems as though Seungri has a slight problem of saying things he shouldn't about his hyungs firstly since some aren't true lmao.
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panda is so cute
2 years agoReply
*Laughing my butt off* so cute to worry
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what show is this
2 years agoReply
@Isolate the show is called taxi
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I remember watching this a while ago. I cracked up at TOP asking if he's drunk but also felt kind of sad for Seungri before everyone picked up because he must have felt very rejected from the people that he's supposed to be so close with.
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