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What's your superpower? Is it flight? Telekinesis? Speed? Can you shapeshift? How about turning a piece of garbage into Mosaic art? Probably not, but everyone does have a superpower that they carry with them at all times. Everyone does, and it's not the experience, or curses, or "gifts" as some would say. It's the power of gratitude.
Usually I think of gratitude as small talk and not worth a lot, but it shows how much you care for that person who helped you out late at night when you're closing up shop, or helped you develop that one website to make it run smoothly, or perhaps with that one person you share a passion with. However, it can be empowering at the source as well as a recipient. We have different abilities to show our appreciation for what others do to make the world or our lives a little bit better. For me, it's that one small part of me that's called by others "sweet" and these things on't have to be profound events. Every day there are people interacting with you on a daily basis. It doesn't matter if you talk to them online, or on the phone, or in person. Just a simple acknowledgment for their effort can mean a whole lot. I'm a quiet person and hardly speak to anyone, but when I do it's when I tell them that I admire their presence in helping get things done, even when it can be awkward, or difficult to confront the person. Think of somebody who is confined in a space all day, inhaling exhaust fumes. You may not be able to help them get a better job or a better life, but you can increase the confidence and sincerity by telling them "thank you" or "I'm glad to see you." If enough people can actually do this in a world on the verge of collapsing with greed, hatred, and overall intolerable evil that is so toxic it makes the stomach ache, then maybe that confined space would't be so small.
I started a collection called The Gonzo Collective and I try to write down my ideas for cards and visit the other communities here on Vingle to see what's worth sharing. Even though I'm busy with life at the moment, I like to express those I've met here on Vingle and those who have helped create this long gone literary movement. It's hard to be grateful for, or even aware of, the work a stranger does for you on the other side of the country or around the world. And I gotta say, I'm proud me and a few others got this collection started up and ready and looking forward to expanding it further.
Just as Daredevil or Superman performs their feats with ease so can we. The opportunity to show gratitude to your friends, family, coworkers, and strangers is available for free, and it's a superpower that is continuous and rewarding. Don't let it go to waste.