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I'm just curious what other people think.
Okay so things about me!! -I'm full chinese -honestly I'm pretty lazy, I can only sleep for about 15 hours -I'm super crazy at home but not in public -I'm not super girly. I like to dress Tom boyish -I'm about 5' 4" -my friends say I'm a bit violent -I love to eat and I have high metabolism so I lose it easily -I weigh about 90lbs -I'm said to be really sassy without trying (but I don't think I am) -I love video games -I love painting and drawing -I love silence and being alone (just so I can think. I like being with friends too but they're too crazy sometimes. I still love them though.) -I take too much selfies... I don't know what else to add.... oh wells, so who do you ship me with?
Defiantly my first pick would be Suga Ken or Leo from Vixx Shownu from Monsta X (I JUST THINK YOU GUYS WOULD LOOK CUTE TOGETHER) Seungkwang and Jun from seventeen
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@kennaxx lol thanks. my friend keeps saying I match with suga.
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you do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @vipgirl5
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EXO Lay. Even if you're sassy, he'll be a sweetheart to you 😊
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