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Who Would Win In A Fight?

Good luck to us!

Because this is a really tough call. Both of them are pretty serious contenders. Who do you think would win?
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@Jonathan3 I never assumed he was! xD
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@OGv6FATE sorry man on the second comment I was talking to ashchrimson I just love these kind of mash ups except the ones with superman cuz I hate superman but I know he beats every superhero ever goku, luffy, naruto, Saitama just cuz he's OP if they ever make a hero that his power is infinity and has no weakness then they would only tie
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@Jonathan3 Oh trust me, I already know Supes is OP.
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lol for reals XD
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I know this is from a long time but....... still sasuke against DD as a kid, DD wins. teen and after that i think sasuke wins
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