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@TessStevens just today made a brilliant card showing us 10 reasons why we might just be Michael Bluth, the unluckiest man in the Bluth family on Arrested Development. If you haven't seen it, go check it out!
I personally find myself identifying most with Maeby Funke, the youngest girl in the Bluth/Funke hodgepodge and the only one who seems to be set on making things better for herself. Who could blame her, with parents that sometimes literally forget she exists?
So if you were ever thinking that you might be Maeby Funke, here's why you totally are.

You manage to find the best ways of making 'punishments' suit your own desires.

When faced with a revelatory thought or moment, you find a way to completely ignore all the signs.

The thought of something falling to pieces in extraordinary fashion is appealing to you.

You've found yourself a little out of the loop in terms of fashionable dress.... or religion.

You sometimes find clever and funny ways of dodging the tough accusations hurled at you...

You don't let NOBODY try to run up on your business.

For you, your big existential crisis lies just around the corner... but you can probably just ignore it, right?

All of your qualities come together to form one perfectly ineffable rock star of a human being.

God I love Maybe! She's so confident and awesome, despite what anyone tells her, she always does exactly what she wants. V cool. I'm a michael unfortunately so I guess I'm obligated to tell you to get on a better path! hahahhahahah
so accurate XD
@LAVONYORK you're an arrested development fan!?????? YES
I need to give that a watch over too
@TessStevens Yes I am absolutely!
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