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In honor of Leaders Week and of my Ultimate Bias I give you a card on who I believe is the best Leader in k-pop! {I know it's long but there are pictures at the end=)} I would also like to dedicate this card to @BBxGD

To start off here are 3 of my favorite opinions I found...=D

"Not only did GD manage to bring to the world the young and talented BIGBANG, but he's also a sweet and lovely person. He also writes/takes part in writing most of the band's songs (Japanese, Korean, and English), and they've all become such hits. He even writes out solos for some of his fellow members. He also produces some of the band's music. Not only is he a rapping talent, he's also a vocalist talent... If you ever hear his beautiful falsetto, you'll understand. The young, talented GD and BIGBANG!" "GD has completed every aspects there is to be an AWESOME leader! Rap, dance, unique singing, writing/composing/producing songs, awesome personality, has great manners, awesome sense of style, great stage presence, diligent, perfectionist, cares for other members (that's why BIGBANG's friendship is unquestionable! ), gives one hell of a fanservice, WHAT ELSE DID I MISS?! I know that no one is perfect, but to me/us as VIP we see him as a leader, who actually DESERVE to be a leader! So sorry if I might've gone too far.." "I love kwon leader very much, he is the most adorable and charismatic leader I ever knew.. He loves his member and always monitoring them as well although he kinda busy He can sing and dance well, he also a great rapper and composer, good looking person, and has a fantastic fashion sense. What a perfect leader!" <HERE>

A little bit about G-Dragon:

Birth Name: 권지용 (Kwon Ji-Yong) Born: August 18, 1988 (age 27) ×××±Seoul, South Korea Other names: G-Dragon, GD <HERE>


• He spent 6 years as a trainee under YG Entertainment • His stage name came from his real name Jiyong (G "지" [ji] & "용" [Yong] which means "Dragon" in Korean) • GD was born in Aug. 18, 1988 - the year of the dragon on the Chinese calendar • He is a Leo • GD is sometimes called the "Iguana Idol" because he would change his hair color multiple times is a year • His favorite colors are yellow and white • He became a trainee at YGE a the age of 12 (6th grade) •He sang the song "Lil' Bow Wow" - That's My Name at the YGE audition • GD has been in the entertainment industry sinc he was little. His first showbiz appearance was on a kids' TV program called 뽀뽀뽀 (Bbo Bbo Bbo). He was only 7 when he became apart of "Little Roora" • GD trained along with Taeyang, the duo wa known as GD-YB • GD-YB were originally going to debut as a duo but Mr.YG changed his mind and decided they debut as a 6/5 member group • GD once got into a fistfight with Taeyang in a basketball game when they were teenagers • Despite his success as a solo artist and leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon has admitted that he didn't realize how famous he was until he went. on Big Bang'sWorld Tour • To date, GD has around 15 tattoos <HERE>


• In 2007 GD won best Songwriter Award in MKMF (Mnet KM Music Festival) • His debut solo album, Heartbreaker (2009), yielded the number-one single of the same name and would go on to become one of the most successful albums of the year, garnering sales of over 200,000 copies and winning the Mnet Asian Music Awards for Album of the Year. • G-Dragon and T.O.P collaborated to record and release the album GD & TOP (2010). With the album they released the three singles: "High High", "Oh Yeah", and "Knock Out", all of which have charted within the top three positions of the Gaon chart, with "High High" becoming a chart-topper. • 2012 saw the release of his first EP One of a Kind, which contained hit singles "One of a Kind", "Crayon", and "That XX." The album was critically acclaimed, earning Record of the Year at the 22nd Seoul Music Awards.  • His second full album in four years, Coup D'Etat(2013) matched the success of his previous work, and he won Artist of the Year at the 15th Mnet Asian Music Awards.  • He also earned the World's Best Entertainer and World's Best Album awards at the 2014 World Music Awards. • G-Dragon became the second member of Big Bang to make a solo debut in Japan after Daesung's solo concert tour. • He embarked on his second worldwide tour as a solo artist, which included a four-dome tour in Japan. • In 2015, he was chosen by GQ Korea as their Man of the Year. • He also won the Fashionista Award in 2015. • He was later highlighted as one of the "50 Reasons Why Seoul is the Best City" by CNN in 2011 • In 2015, was picked as one of Business of Fashion's "500 Global Fashion Leaders," making him 1 of 5 Koreans on the list, and the only K-Pop act to have made the cut. • The Korea Music Copyright Association lists at least 147 songs under G-Dragon's name. • In 2015, G-Dragon's annual earnings from song royalties was estimated to be over $700,000 a year. • He is the highest paid touring singer-songwriter in Korea, as while as the only performer to be mentioned on a list of South Korean composers earning the most from songwriting royalties in 2012 and the youngest on the list. <HERE>
"The right kind of music is not made once the artist feels that music is work. When one is working on music, performing or just having fun, ... it directly influences the music ... The more I work, the more I feel like I'm learning and maturing at the same time." - G-Dragon


Korean studio albums: -Heartbreaker (2009) -Coup D'Etat (2013) -One of a Kind (2012) Japanese studio albums: -Coup D’Etat '+ One of a Kind & Heartbreaker (2013) <HERE>


×××××××*If it says [Nominated] it means ××××××××××××he didn't win* ×××××××*If it is in "quotation marks" it ××××××÷÷×means the song, if not, it ××××××××÷÷÷÷means the album* Cyworld Digital Music Awards: (2009) "Heartbreaker" ÷÷÷-Song of the month (Sept.) ÷÷÷-Ting’s Choice Award ×××-Bonsang Award Fashion Photographer Awards & Fashionista Awards: (2015)G-Dragon ÷÷÷-Best Dresser This Year (Men) ÷÷÷-Photogenic of the Year Award Forbes Korea: (2012)(2013)(2014) G-Dragon ÷÷÷-2030 Power Leaders Fuse TV: (2013) G-Dragon ×××-Best New Artist Gallup Korea: (2015) G-Dragon ÷÷÷-Top 20 Idols Golden Disk Awards: (2013) G-Dragon ±±×-CeCi Popularity Award (2012) "One of a Kind" ×××-Digital Bonsang (2014)"Crooked" ×××-Digital Bonsang [Nominated] ×××-Popularity Award [Nominated] "Coup d'etat" ×××-Disk Bonsang [Nominated] GQ Korea: (2015) G-Dragon ×××-Men of the Year for 2015 Grazia Korea: (2015) G-Dragon ÷×÷-10 Hot People of the Year 2015 InStyle Star Icon Awards: (2016) G-Dragon ÷÷÷-Male Idol Fashionista International Dance Music Awards: (2014) "Dirty Vibe" ×××-Best Dubstep/Drum & Bass Track ×××[Nominated] JTBC Awards: (2015) G-Dragon ×××-Most Memorable Interview Guest Korea Best Dresser Awards: (2010) G-Dragon ×××-Best Dresser Award Korean Music Awards: (2013) "One of a Kind" ×××-Song of the Year [Nominated] ×××-Best Dance/Electronic Album [Nominated] ×××-Best Rap/Hip-hop Song (2014) "Crooked" ×××-Best Dance/Electronic Song [Nominated] G-Dragon ×××-Male Musician of the Year - Netizen Vote MBC Entertainment Awards: (2012) G-Dragon ×××-Style Guinness Award (2013)Jung Hyung-don(Weekly Idol) & GDragon ×××-Best Couple Award MelOn Music Awards: (2009) "Heartbreaker" ×××-Album of the Year ×××-Top 10 (2012)"Crayon" ×××-Top 10 [Nominated] (2013) "Who You?" ×××-Top 10 (2015) Infinite Challenge Songs ×××-Hot Trend Award 2015 MelOn Popularity Award: (2015) "Mapsosa" ×××-Popularity Award (September 7) ×××-Popularity Award (September 14) ×÷×-Popularity Award (September 21) Mnet Asian Music Awards: (2007) "Lies" ×××-Music Arrangement (2009) Heartbreaker (Album) ×××-Album of the Year "Heartbreaker" (Single) ×××-Best Male Solo Artist [Nominated] ×××-Best House & Electronic [Nominated] (2012) "Crayon" ×××-Best Male Artist ×××-Artist of the Year [Nominated] One of a Kind ×××-Album of the Year [Nominated] (2013) "Coup d'etat" ×××-Best Male Artist "Crooked" ×××-Best Dance Performance - Male Solo "Coup d'Etat" ×××-NISSAN JUKE -Best Music Video ×××-Artist of the Year ×××-Album of the Year [Nominated] "Crooked" ×××-BC - UnionPay - Song of the Year ××× ×××[Nominated] MTV Video Music Awards Japan: (2010) "Rain is Fallin" ±××-Best Collaboration Video QQ Music Awards: (2014)(2015) G-Dragon ×××-Most Popular Korean & Japanese Artist Rhythmer Awards: (2013) One of a Kind ÷÷×-Best Hiphop Song of The Year Seoul Music Awards: (2013)One of a Kind ÷÷÷-Record of the Year Singapore Entertainment Awards: (2013) Crayon ×××-Most Popular K-pop Music Video ÷÷÷×[Nominated] (2014)Crooked ×××-Most Popular K-pop Music Video ××××[Nominated] Style Icon Awards: (2013)(2016) G-Dragon ×××-Style Icon of the Year ×××-Top 10 Style Icons (2014) ×××-Top 10 Style Icons [Nominated] World Music Awards: (2014) G-Dragon ×××-World's Best Male Artist [Nominated] ×××-World's Best Live Act [Nominated] ×××-World's Best Entertainer of the Year "Crooked" ×××-World's Best Video [Nominated] Coup D'Etat ×÷÷-World's Best Album (2015) G-Dragon ×÷×-World's Best Entertainer of the Year ××××[Pending] ××÷-World's Best Male Artist [Pending] Youku Tudou Young Choice Awards: (2013) G-Dragon ×××-Favorite International Artist <HERE>

Music Chart Awards:

SBS's Inkigayo: (2009) 9/6, 9/13, 9/20 "Heartbreaker" (2010) 7/18, 7/25 "I Need a Girl" ×××××(Taeyang feat. G-Dragon) (2011) 1/9 "High High"(GD&T.O.P.) (2013) 9/15, "Coup D'etat" ±××××9/22, 9/29 "Crooked" (2014) 11/30 "Good Boy" (GD X Taeyang) Mnet's M! Countdown: (2009) 9/10, 9/17, 9/24 "Heartbreaker" (2010) 7/8, 7/15 "I Need a Girl" ×××××(Taeyang feat. G-Dragon) ±××××12/30 "Oh Yeah"(GD&T.O.P) (2011) 1/6 "High High" (GD&T.O.P) (2012) 9/27, 10/4, 10/11 "Crayon" (2013) 9/12, 9/19 "Black" ×××××9/26 "Crooked" (2015) 8/20 "Zutter" (GD&T.O.P) KBS's Music Bank: (2009) 8/28, 9/4, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25 ×××××"Heartbreaker" (2010) 7/16 "I Need a Girl" ×××÷÷(Taeyang feat. G-Dragon) (2013) 9/20 "Who You" ××××××9/27 "Crooked" <HERE>
"I personally do not care about what others say about me. If I were easily affected by the feedback that we gained, we would not be able to be true to ourselves. It also applies in fashion, even if I wore ridiculous clothes, I would just want to show you my true colors. I believe that people would follow suit of our belief, since I have experienced it myself, I will not change it even in the future" - G-Dragon
Despite his obvious amazing talent at so many different things, his personality makes him a complete 5 star worthy idol! (HIS SMILE THO) I would get all sappy and explain why I love GD so much....but to be honest with you all...I can't really put it into to words. I honestly think it would be easier to tell you what I don't: the fact that he smokes. Thats only because I care about him. SO NOW JUST ENJOY PICTURES!!
YAAAAAAYYYYY Sorry for the pictures not being the best, I have so many on my phone its hard to pick choose the best ones. XD
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i like thisss... it was verrryyy cooll.. also he has 15 tattoos ... 🙈🙈💖💖 @Jiyongixoxo must see
@lovetop yassssssssss i do 💖💖🙈🙈
This is must have taken you forever! You are a true and dedicated fan. 😘✌✌✌
GD is Great!!!! the best!!!! @BBxGD I know you will love to see more of GD's !!!
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