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I see the plotting against me is already starting. I was tagged by my @twistedpuppy. So let's see how this goes. Please say who you really think not who you think I would like. I pick bad things for myself often i.e. thinking it's a good idea to wear 5 inch heels to a concert. Not smart.
◇I'm a mother of 3 girls and they take up all of my time. ◇I was born and raised in Bloomfield Connecticut and currently live in Northeast Houston Texas. I've lived in NJ, PA, TN, NC, VA, MD, SC. ◇I am the oldest of my 3 siblings raised with my mother. My little brother as lived with me since 2006 after our mother passed. He is my 4th child. ◇I am highly maternal and I take care of everyone. Even if I don't know you well and I can help you I will. ◇I am an office manager for State Farm and I don't know how I do it because I don't like people. ◇I don't think blood makes you family, our relationship does. I'm like the mafia once you're in with me you're in for life. Unless you hurt one of my kids, then you're going to die and I'm going to jail. ◇Laughing is my favorite past time. I love to laugh. I don't care what other people I will laugh loud and long no matter what. Howevr, I can't deal with stupidity it makes my head hurt and I will tell you just that (if you are on my snap chat you know it's true).
◇My children are my Everything. ◇My favorite color is purple. ◇My dad is from Portugal and my Mom's family is from Scotland (shocking huh) ◇I'm a licensed accountant and I'm going back to school to teach. ◇I love to read and my nickname is Ask.com
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@PolarStarr really why? 😆 that's the second time with no explanation lol
Yeah! oh snap! i just saw the other Kris comment. hahah because he was the leader of Exo m and the father figure of the group and just how you said you are a mother yourself, it just clicked 😊
@PolarStarr thank you ma'am I appreciate that 😊😊
Funny thing is I thought of Kris as well and saw two other comments for Kris and basically for the same reason as @PolarStarr because he was like a father figure in exo