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So I'm seeing these alllll over the place, so for fun I thought I'd do it too ^_^ And certainly feel free to ship me with not my biases lol it can be kinda fun seeing what others think ^_^

- I'm 5'4, have brown really curly hair (big ringlets), and green eyes with intense eye smiles - I'm 21 - I talk to myself. Like a lot. Like full on conversations, don't judge - I love to laugh until my throat hurts and I can barely breathe and all you hear is a high pitched squeak - I love to dance, ballet or hip-hop - I love to sing - Always dreamed of being an entertainer - I listen to kpop but when I listen to American music it is the utter opposite of wholesome and appropriate. Lots of Enrique Iglesias and 3OH!3 - I'm lazy when it comes to schoolwork but had a 4.0 in every year of high school and made it on the Deans list each semester in college - I do martial arts - I recently developed a liking for writing stories - Tomboy but I also like to show off my body sometimes - I don't really like having pets - I'm really sarcastic - But I'm also witty as fuck and love making people laugh - I'm a lazy extrovert aka I love socializing but I'm usually to lazy to make the effort of going out - Can be loud as fuck but generally have a "medium to soft tone" voice - I can be chill but I can get super amped easily - I cuss like a sailor and make a lot of dirty jokes, and yes I know it's not lady like XD - I like intelligent comedy like Bo Burnham or Demitri Martin, but I also love stupid/stoner movies like Jay and Silent Bob or Beavis and Butthead - I like anime, mostly shonen - I have a bad temper but usually internalize it and end up being passive to make the other person feel better. My Minnesota nice fault - Speaking of Minnesota, my accent is very thick and people from other places ask if I'm foreign - I have wicked road rage and will bitch about someone who cut me off for like 5 to 10 minutes - Logical almost to a fault, but for certain things I give in to emotions easily

You guys can say why if you want to but you definitely don't have to ^_^ and you can say someone from any group, but I'm mostly only familiar with BigBang, B.A.P, BTS, and UNIQ ^_^ Thanks to those who ship me!

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@VKookie47 I need a man who doesn't mind cussing!! That is very true because he has a dirty mouth himself so that'd be hypocritical lol and deep conversations would be nice. Shit. Good choice! Now I question my bias!!! Well. my bias wrecker. Hobi shall always be my bias lol
@VKookie47 he was always switching with V lol and he was my original bias @PolarStarr I always like hearing that lol
Uh oh Rap Mon be creeping~
Hmm I feel like you two would have a lot of good conversations either deep or just playful, he'd have no problem with the cussing and sarcasm , he'd appreciate your love for music and dance, and making you laugh also he's be lazy with you! Lol @MadAndrea
If you were a guy, I'd ship you with me… jk lol. Is that weird? Haha but seriously I was reading and for approximately 90% of the things you listed I was like "she's just like me!" And it made me smile. So I wanted to share that with you. Okay done being weird now haha…
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