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Could this picture be any better?! Nope β€” this picture is just so beautiful and wonderful in every way! This horse surely knows how to turn heads!

It's time to meet Morestead, the horse that dresses well!

The suit.

This stunning suit was designed by Alexander McQueen apprentice Emma Sandham-King, and it was no easy design. Because of the horse's size, the suit used about 10 times as much tweed as a human suit would need. The suit took a team about four weeks to complete. But, I think you will agree with me that it was oh so worth it.
Sandham-King said she enjoyed working with Morestead:
"Some models can be real divas, but veteran racing horse Morestead was calm and a pleasure to work with."

The horse.

Bookmakers William Hill commissioned the suit for the horse to mark the beginning of the Cheltenham Festival, which is one of the biggest races in the equestrian world. This was the first tweed suit made for a horse.
Watch this amazing video that explains why they made Morestead a suit.

Keep rocking that classy and sophisticated suit, Morestead!

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wow the horse wears a suit better than I do lol
@JordanNash hahaha im pretty sure 😁😁😁
Haha @buddyesd so true! I'm sure he makes so much money!
@JordanNash It kinda makes ya wonder, how much the person that put the suit on makes lol
@buddyesd haha the horse has way better style than I do!
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