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When it comes to relationships, not one is the same.

Each and every relationship is unique in it's own way. While there may be several couples in long distance relationships or several couples who work out together, each couple has their own way of loving and that's what makes the relationship special at the end of the day.
Whether you're currently in a relationship or you've been in one in the past then you probably know just what type of couple you are. While the video below might be a bit exaggerated, for the most part it's reality [minus the tea at the front door *lol*]. Every relationship has it's issues, but it's the good days that outweigh the bad. If you're looking for a good chuckle or just want to see if the type of relationship you're currently in made the list, keep scrolling to check out the video below.

Relationship Type #1: The On Again Off Again Couple

Relationship Type #2: The Motivational Couple

Relationship Type #3: 'The Married' Couple

Relationship Type #4: The Fitness Couple

Relationship Type #5: The Hipster Couple

Relationship Type #6: The Long Distance Couple

Relationship Type #7: The Too Comfortable Couple

Relationship Type #8: The Love Birds Couple

Relationship Type #9: The Hippie Couple

Relationship Type #10: The Instagram Couple

Which type of relationship are you in?

What type of relationship category would you want to fall under?
Hipster/hippie/fitness lol that's what I'm looking for at least
That would be perfect!!! Especially #7 & 8! @RichardAdeyemo
I will throw them motivational speeches at him . Argue like a married person about how he spends too much money on hot cheetos . Yet burp the abcs in our car rides lol
@ddsgswozodnys am a little old school what's aaa
thank you very much, likewise! @BessanMerab
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