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I pretty new to the yoga world, but I still remember vividly my first yoga class experience. It was hard, but it made me feel all the things.

Here are some pretty #relateable things that happen after you take your first class.

The feeling you have right after the class:

When you get outside of your first class:

When you are home that night telling someone about your class:

The next morning:

Walking around that day like:

When someone asks you how your class went:

When someone asks you to go to class again with them:

What was your first yoga class experience like?

@1FallenAngel hahaha exactly!! take about interrupting your practice and flow XD
Lol! I'd probably pass out @nicolejb. Yoga is also about breathing... so I don't think that'll work for me. 😷
@1FallenAngel 😱 omgosh now don't do it!! haha that would be like the worst way to forget to stay in a good state of mind. you would be meditating while trying to not breathe too much!! haha that doesn't work!
I'm not sure @nicolejb . My brother and his wife, they both go to a bikram yoga class 3 times a week. That got me interested, but I don't think I'll be able to handle the heat. And it's not just the heat, my sister in law told me that there are some people who have poor hygiene and the smell gets pretty bad, especially whenever they get a whiff of it from the fan. lol
Omg @1FallenAngel bikram seems so intense, but I feel like it's probably good for consistency right?
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