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Just binged!! Burn up Scramble!!

Started this last night before bed and just finished it. It's rated 6.38 on IMAL Personally I gave it a 7. I enjoyed it after the first few episodes when the story kinda picked up and especially the last few where the story kept a consecutive run and the episodes went together. It's basically about a group of elite warriors who's motto is "defend the defenseless" they stop crime in the year 2023 and are elite police officers who are also a secret to everyday society. One is a master martial artist, one an amazing gunshot, the third is a psychic and can read minds, use telegenic I type powers and such but has some trouble with controlling the powers. Overall they get along well but there are always funny goofs and spoofs that happen. They do seem to always catch the criminal or stop the crime tho just in the nick of time!! Anime is life!! Check it out or add it to your list of your interested NAKAMA!! Now onto my next anime binge!!
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