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Finally! It took an hour to cut my hair but we did it! I cut off 14 inches today! I honestly think it's a mix between these photos. @ChloeMesa11 @MomoChamie @DestinaByrd @Mikim000 @H8rt4u @SabrinaSakura @JessicaEvaristo @tinafalcon22 @JasminMartinez @Jasminep96 @Tania538 @ShinoYuki @nnatalieg @aliendestina
I was told the same thing but I got a pixie undercut. I cut 12 inches tho
so pretty! Omg I was told I was crazy once for cutting my long hair just to have it like an idol. Lol my mom and my sister were trying to convince me not to. I told them it was ok because it was going to children who lost there hair from cancer. I was kinda upset though, my 23 inches were gone. (I cut it like jeonghan from seventeen)
@Tania538 @nnatalieg thanks ≧ω≦
@SabrinaSakura they all liked my hair so they were sad to see it go
@CuteBabyLay well I think it's great and it's good that you stuck to it and didn't let anyone tell you no.
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