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You approach the 7 boys who look to be around your age but older, maybe between 20 and 25. As nervous as you were, you were still determined to making new friends or at least try to. As you move closer one of the boys looked up at you with a serious expression exposing frustration in his eyes as well as questioning your actions. It caves you in how handsome but yet eerie he looked. His hair was light pink and slicked to the side, his eyes pitch black and tremendously thick lips that looked inviting to the eyes of the forseer. He doesn't waste time in staring at you from head to toe, clearly cheking out your body and face. But then his stare changed into a glare filled with a deadly aura, making you regret ever trying to befriend him or the rest of his friends. "Can I help you, miss?". He asks with a serious face. "Are you guys lost or need help?, I'm sorry to ask but it's because no one ever sits on this bench other than me and is nice to finally see someone else sitting on it." "Where you the one who wrote all the quotes?, they are very deep and soulful and I also like the pictures." "Thank you, but really, do you guys need help?, do you know where your houses are?". You ask the shorter one who was starring intensely at you with a smile. "Houses?, haha no, we live together... we're brothers" The other far taller and brown haired with a shade of green answered you and gave you a rectangular smile which you found very cute despite his well good looking body. "Oh, well what are you guys doing out here in the middle of the night?" "Hm, we could ask the same about you. A girl as pretty as you shouldn't be out this late at nights." The male who gave you the glare said to you with a smile. You feel yourself blushing at his sudden change of expression and from what he said. Did he really just said you were pretty?. As you stare down at the ground one of the other guys who was sitting on the ground next to you smiled at you and you quickly went back to reality. "I left because I have very over-protective parents and they never let me out anywhere without them, so this is my only escape from their lousy speeches about why not to leave the house without their permissions. This is also where all my anger goes and leaves with the wind. The quotes that I write on the bench are mostly from the books I read and some from life lessons that I've grown to deal with... along with heavy family issues." They each stare at you with pity eyes but not strong enough to actually feel pity. The guy with the pink hair gave a sad look as if saying that he feels bad for you. "Anyways, why are YOU guys out here?" "Actually, we left the house... we didn't want to be there anymore". The shorter one says "Why?, what happened?" "It's complicated" "Oh, well... maybe you guys can stay with me. It's ok if you don't want to because you just met me but my parents own another house away from the city and more in the beach side. No one in the family uses the house so we mostly have it incase something happens to our main house." "Well thanks but you don't have to do that for us." The guy who seemed to be very energetic and lively gave you a soft smile. "No it's ok, I know where the house is since I lived there when my family was on vacation." "And how do you think they'll react when they find out you're going to live with 7 guys? I mean, you did say they were very protective of you." "Do I look that innocent to you?". You said to the guy in pink who gave you long, wide smirk and wide eyes at your sexy but yet sassy response. "What are your names? you know, so I won't have to ask again." "My name is Namjoon, the short one is Jimin, the one with the brown and green hair is Taehyun but we call him V, that's Jungkook, the one sitting next to you is Yoongi and him over there is Hoseok or Jhope, he likes to be everybody's hope.". Pink hair answers. "Well my name is (A/Y) and it's very nice to meet you guys. You should walk with me to my house so that I can then tell you if you can go to the house or not." "And what will you tell your parents?". Jungkook asks with a smirk. "I'll just say that I will be staying over with some of my friends for maybe a long time. At least to finally live outside that boring house." "Hm, sounds fair... but are they gonna let you?". Yoongi asks "Why so many questions, I know my parents." You said giggleling and waving your hands at him. "Just trust me, it'll be alright and you guys will be ok and safe" Namjoon is quick to look at you and smile letting out his deep dimples. You stare back at him, something about this man is going to be hard to ignore, other than his obviously handsome face, but seriously.. something about him brings actual emotions to your body.
loving it so far