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Sorry my friends r in a lot of them but I don't usually take loner selfies
Stuff about me: •I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school •I'm about 5'4 •I have medium length dark brown and deep brown eyes •My favorite color is navy blue and my favorite food is Italian •My absolute fav thing to do is listen to music (mostly kpop now) all day every day •I play soccer, softball, and the occasional volleyball •I love being active and working out •I'm pretty tomboyish in terms of how I dress, talk, act, etc. •I'm pretty shy and quiet, unless u know me pretty well •I daydream ALOT, nowadays mostly about kpop idols and what my life would be like if it wasn't like it is •I love writing and creating characters •I have a tendency to plug into my music and ignore the world around me •I was introduced to kpop in May of 2015 by one of my best friends •Kpop has officially taken over my life •One of my "philosophies" is that a day started and ended with kpop is a good day
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@summerblack2 I'm curious about ur opinion... what do u think?
I'd say Jungkook since both of you are so athletic