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I received a message asking if I know a product that can fight or prevent acne and here's my answer! YESSS! I know almost all of the anti acne product! from pro activ to acne.org to pills, glutathione, antibiotic, all clear vitamins and etc! way back 2012 my first year in college when I experience to have break outs I can't even touch my face because it hurts and the worst thing is I can't even look my self in the mirror and I believed that the cause of this is stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet and dirt. Way back 2012 I was a AAMT student (Aircraft mechanic) my school is in the base where the soldier is and most of the time were on field doing trainings, fixing machine, cleaning propelers and etc. so 8 hrs of stress and dirt everyday and for lunch? we always eat pizza, burger and a lot of greasy foods unhealthy and unbalanced diet because of this my skin freak out acne all over my face and the worst thing is when people make fun of your face and judge you because of it I feel terrible by that time but then my aunt's bff introduce me this product it's whitening product actually it can also be used as anti-aging believe me or not it also removed my mom's wrinkles! so I tried it. First three days I hate this product and I almost throw it becausr it sting and it will peel your skin off but my aunt told me it's natural after a week I saw some effect in my skin all the big pimples slowly died no black heads and whiter skin after a month of using it my acne is almost gone my face is much clearer and whiter than before! I personally recomend thia product because it's super effective and it's cheap!! ☺ it's been 4 years now and I'm still using this product! ☺☺☺ P.S not all you can see in T.V or in any advertisement can work for you and it's not because it works for other it will do the same thing to you!