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That's right, I quit. The app used to be fun and interesting but you can clearly see that the age demographic has dropped to a much younger age group. That's not a bad thing, its just not for me. Most cards have lost the music... there are a few that I still enjoy but not most of them. Also I've asked many to stop tagging me in posts that have nothing to do with me... I'm a straight, married man... why do I care about what guy is showing off his abs, what they are wearing (or not), or what they look like in bunny ears... I've said flat out that, "if I didn't ask to be tagged in future posts, or its a topic I've expressed interest in to you... DON'T TAG ME!"
I'm sorry to my friends here that I'm leaving behind... if you want to stay in touch with me please feel free to ask me for my Facebook or Kakao in a private message... I'll wait until the end of March to delete the app from my phone. Again, I'm sorry... this app has just become an uncomfortable place for me.
Goodbye y'all
I completely understand, I've considered this many times myself...I've got your Kakao, so we can still keep in touch :D
:( Sorry to hear that. I do understand where you're coming from. Will miss your cool Korean language facts and helpful corrections. Good luck with everything~
I know... I'll just be app homeless @jlee37 ...ㅋㅋㅋ It is ok... I'll be fine with my friends
@jlee37 its not the pushing its the overall change in the environment... most aren't doing anything wrong... just expressing their interest... only a few really push
I'm not into the kpop stuff, don't know anything about it. I keep myself around certain friends and cards. Unfortunately, some people just don't grasp the concept of others not being like them and push themselves onto others to the point they leave something they truly enjoy just to stop the situation. That's not fair to you. Those that push themselves on you and make you uncomfortable should be flagged, warned or removed.
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