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Hey guys! Back with more fantasy baseball news to help everyone get ready for their upcoming drafts!
Lets be honest, the Padres are one of those baseball teams that casual fans haven't been excited about since Tony Gwyn was in uniform.
The team has had a couple guys, but can't seem to keep guys in house. Combine that with their inability to draw a lot of big names, and it's a recipe for disaster.
Low key, the Padres have been getting better over the past two years. One of the reasons is improved pitching, in particular Tyson Ross.
In 2015, Tyson Ross posted a solid statline of 10-12 with 212k and a 3.26 ERA.
While these numbers don't blow too many away, from a fantasy baseball perspective, this guy is a gem in regards to pick value.
The fact of the matter is many casual fans don't know much about the Padres, so they haven't seen this guy play. This is cool, because if you can get him as a #2 or 3 arm in your lineup, he could be a monster.
If the Padres also improve on offense he could steal a couple more wins. Best case scenario, a really good team offers a couple top end prospects for Ross, which would cause his value to go through the roof. Could you imagine him on Toronto, Pittsburgh or The White Sox?

Is Tyson Ross the best small market pitcher no one is talking about?

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Hmm to be honest, I've never seen him pitch live, so I'm going to pass on him.