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so my pretty people's I got tag in this so many times and no one told me to do it but I said why not
yes I know this "shipping" thing has no purpose and it's only to satisfy the fangirls hopes and dreams that will never happen.... but why not try it eh?
this is me it's a old picture actually so if you want a update photo it's gonna be awhile
I know thank you my face is beautiful but enough about that let's get to know me... how do I start? lol I'm 16 I guess I should start there going on 17 in June so yeah "I hate lying and I tell The truth" this is we're the snarky side of me comes out thanks to my internet twin who mentioned that lol o hate seeing someone look or act stupid or be obsessed over something or someone or just plain acting nuts so I always tell it like it is (a lot of people get confused and upset when I do so lol ) "he ain't yours boo boo" is legit what makes people upset funny there's a story i remember when I was in a cover group there was a 17 and 20 year old (did not get alone with them one called me delulu because I said I could date zelo her bias as a possibility like 0.000000000001% and I was joking I don't usually joke like that I mostly just say I wish or it's not gonna happen but it could by 00000000000000000.000000000000.01001% lol but she called me delulu and such and even made a poll in the chat asking if I was and I'm not Gonna lie I was pissed cause I was joking like they was at least I don't call my bias daddy or mine like I own him when damn known sure I don' can see I'm pissed ) but I told then "why you fitting over a man you can't have?" and let's say hell broke loose and they did not like me ever since one try to threaten me and say "do not start with me" because I got her bias on a quiz lol that's a story for another day maybe I'll make a card about it to finally get out my system eh. "I love singing, acting, dancing, rapping, song writing,producing,choreographing etc... legit music is my life and work" "I have a lot of talents" I legit could do anything I put my mind to (but not everything lol) I'm a Singer but love rapping so rappers are really attractive to me and I don't know why lol. "I'm shy and sensitive but blunt" I can get sensitive I don't like starting fights cause they stress me out and the other person it's hard to get their damn skull to get what I'm saying and I get pissed too when I'm mad and ready to speak before I think which is why I can't text angry ...typos *shudders * but I'm also shy when you meet me so try talking to me cause I'll just sit there. "I'm a 50%girly 60% tomboy" I do like make up but don't wear it no reason too I like to dress up but that's only on occasions which is rare I like heels but there to much work I like shorts and pants but shorts are my best friend and my go to everyday outfit is casual I love hoodies like love them big clothes are life to me and I like mixing girls clothes with guy clothes and I'm currently searching my style everyday I like being cute and sexy but sexy works since I'm tall I also love the mature young woman look cause that's how I see myself everyday lol there's a lot to say about me. "video games I love them" (Mario queen right here do not even think about it ) "fashion" I do like and love lol I make my own clothes sometimes so yup. "my favorite Color is blue " always have always will but I also love white and black. "I'm high class lazy" but when I get serious I'm all perfectionist. " i love dancing" hip hop mostly but I do like Hawaiian and Jamaican dancing. "I'm Jamaican, black,white, Cherokee Indian, Hawaiian etc " lol I'm mixed to the fullest I'm also Asian Pacific islander because Hawaii islands Jamaica duh lol. "I get bored" like bad bored like when I'm bored I even get bored I'm bored with bored. "I have a huge learning ability" I can learn languages, art,psychology you name it if I think its cool and check it out then boom I can learn it. (interesting fact I taught my teaches alot when I was little ). "I can cook" "I love kids" "I love making people laugh " "I hate dirty jokes but understand them " i laugh out of nervousness when it happens but sometimes it's funny but mostly nervousness. "I have a fun personalty " when you meet me I'm shy but if you really get to know me I'm a fun loving kid. my mind is innocent but sometimes I'm not which is rare I don't make dirty jokes of think dirty everyday so up I still watch cartoons and Disney etc but sometimes if a joke is made I will probably get it and if not then I'm kid minded lol "I like converses (no not because of RM )" but when I was a kid I had two pairs that I love to death but sadly I'm a tall kid so the shoes didn't fit for long and I can't wear woman shoes because my feet are to big thanks to my awesome tall genes I have to shop in the boys shoe department which I love lol. "I LOVE FOOD" I eat a lot and I love food if I'm done eating I get hungry right afterwards I can also eat 2 boxes of pizza by will but have to stop cause that's not healthy . "I'm a good friend" I support my friends and love them like family I also snap them back when their acting stupid but sadly my friends we don't talk much cause well not sure lol "I don't like texting first" if I text first and your my friend I want to talk but if I do that all the time I feel like your not really my friend I hate and I do mean hate that I'm the friend that you can talk to but I always have to text first friendship is a two way street not a one way dead end. "I'm a Disney freak " if you show me Disney I will legit turn into a 5 year old and sing dance etc so beware . "I play instruments but I can't play them" "French fries are my life" "I love the 90s and being a 90s kid" since I was born 1999 I didn't know much but I do remember shows like kenan and kel,all that, cat dog etc. "I'm a weird kid that's just it" "I love pets " I had one but he died after awhile and I did cry but I moved on. "I love pizza " I don't know what else to say about me cause there alot but I'll end it with one more thing chocolate
so now I'm tired
sorry if this post was long but
pretty much lol
but go go on and tell me who you ship me with although it's not gonna make a difference cause its just something most of us hope but know it wont happen and its just something to please our minds of everyday world and stress cause apparently life is tough ...but go little fangirls go ship till your hearts content
who ever you ship me with I'll probably be like this the whole time so have fun
hue hue bye
yeah I'm never doing that again

oh and don't forget to put a ship name I'm bored

tagging all the shippers like fed ex *dances.

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Jin. Jin all day. The cooking, the food love, he's fairly tall. Your sensitive. AND DISNEY FREAKNESS!!!!!!! Plus Mario. I could also see him disliking a girl who makes dirty jokes too much
@MadAndrea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I didn't see it but man I hope I didn't screw up that bad
@MadAndrea I believe "one" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚so oops lol
@KeziahWright Nope nope nope nope!!!!!!!!! Oooh..... I'm gonna come right through this damn screen! Respect your elders!....that's pretty much my only defense lol I don't own him soooo.....but still! It's the principle!
@KeziahWright Sooo. Dungeon? I think you go in the dungeon if you make one move.
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