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I am Miss148! The K-pop lover
Hey guys! I feel like not a lot of people know what I look like and I decided to make a card about it. I am open person and I feel comfortable enough to share my photos of myself with my vingle family ❤
So this is me! Whenever I had loooonnngg hair lol Some where from last year and this year. My hair was so long that I haven't cut it since middle school
This is me now with short hair. I'm now a junior (11th grade) Its so hard to take good photos with short hair
so yeah that's it haha I didn't plan much on this card but I decided to show who I look like :) on a side note (out of curiosity) who would you ship me with? A girl can dream and be curious right?
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im sleepy so my eyes were confused when it was two pictures of you and then one of key. I was like OMG SHE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE KEY for a split second hahahahaha
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tiem to put down my phoen i think hahaha
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