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The Chicago White Sox have a PR fiasco on their hands right now.
Earlier this week, first baseman Adam LaRoche abruptly retired Tuesday after team president Ken Williams told the slugger that he had to limit the time his 14-year-old son, Drake, spent with the team.
From the look of things, the players didn't seem to have too much of an issue with it, and stood completely behind Adam on the issue. The Chicago White Sox players even considered not playing in Wednesday's spring training game in support of LaRoche.
There are many two sides of the fence on this issue. Indians coach Terry Francona shared his take on kids in the clubhouse: "I've always kind of felt the guys are at the ballpark so much, that I think it's really nice that their kids can come to the ballpark with them. But I've also always put in the rules that our clubhouse guys aren't babysitters, they don't run child care. I probably fall on the side of ‘let the kids come around.'"
The locker room has always been a sacred place ran by players and the team's coach. Now, we are seeing front office people step in and tell players there is a "limit" on how long family members of players can be in the locker room. LaRoche, 36, walked away from a contract that would have paid him $13 million this season
"I don't think you need to draw the line, to be honest," first baseman Anthony Rizzo said. "If all 25 guys are bringing in their kids and it's a zoo and a circus, then you get together as a group and police it."
Rizzo also said, however, that LaRoche's struggles at the plate last season were a factor. "It wouldn't be an issue if he drove in 100 [RBIs] and hit 25 [home runs]," he said.

Did The White Sox Handle The Adam LaRoche-Son Issue Properly?

Hahahahaha yeah he was way overpaid anyways
Well LaRoche might want to consider posting better numbers before he starts complaining about them not letting his kid in the locker room.
Honestly, it sucks both for LaRoche and his son....but it's also your workplace and being the veteran he his, there might be younger players who are not comfortable with having a teenager in their locker room.
Haha wow I just wrote a card about this as well! And I'm siding with the White Sox on this one!
@mchylang to Laroche defense, the players said he was very helpful and a good kid. He also had the blessing from the coach. They actually were gonna sit out when Adam retired. I think Chicago handled this really bad
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