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Jumping on the bandwagon because why not?
I included a couple pictures because...idk I just did.
I'm 19, turning 20 in June. 5'11. I have blue eyes and I'm pale as hell haha. As you can see I have blue and purple hair. I love to draw, read, and write. I also like to sing and dance but I'm terrible at both. I'm terrible at meeting new people and I'm shy as hell. I get uncomfortable when it comes to public places with a lot of people, but I can deal with it. I was bullied a lot when I was younger so I have terrible self esteem, but I'm working on that.
@twistedPuppy @ChaErica @HayleyEastman Don't let me down guys haha
@JarviaKlipka haha thank you I did it myself. But oh god V and I would be a whole other level of weird hahaha
@ChaErica the panda and the mermaid alright then
Hmm because you love Daehyun so much I automatically ship you with him! But if he wasn't an option I'd pick Seungri from Big Bang.
um you should also tell us about your self girl lol
@HayleyEastman from what I've seen of Bobby he's hilarious so alright then. And alright then I'm now Jung MaeLyn
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