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Hello, everybody! For those who I haven't had the pleasure of talking to on here yet, my name is Dani, and I am the moderator of Vingle's Funny Community! Nice to meet you!

My goal as a moderator is to make sure that the community is a diverse but welcoming place for people who love to laugh!

However, lately, I've been having a bit of a problem - and I'm hoping that you can all help me with it!

That problem is... users putting unrelated cards into the community!

The Funny Community Loves:

- Memes

- Webcomics

- Funny news stories

- Hilarious (and sometimes even self-made) YouTubes

- Cards about your favorite funny celebrities, funny TV comedies, and funny movies

- Games and quizzes

- Silly card challenges

The Funny Community Is Confused By:

- Anime spoilers (Those belong in the Anime community!)

- K-Pop challenges (Those belong in the K-Pop community!)

- Hip-hop mixtapes (Try the Hip-Hop or Music community!)

- Fan art of Pikachu (Bruhs, I love Pikachu just as much as the next 90s kid, but there's a Pokemon community just for you!)

- Nail art tutorials (The gurus of the Beauty and Nails community would probably love these a whole lot more!)

Rule of thumb: If your 9th grade math teacher probably wouldn't get the joke, it's probably meant for another community. That way, it will be enjoyed by people of the fandom and not just looked at by super confused fandom n00bs!

Putting your cards in the right communities not only helps keep the Funny Community an amazing place, but will help your card get extra love by fellow fans of what you love!

Let me know if you guys ever have any more questions about the community, Vingle, or what I wish I were eating right now. I'm more than willing to answer them all!
@LAVONYORK Noo you're fine! @shannonl5 and you both do a really great job at making sure your SPN and Marvel stuff pass the would-your-9th-grade-teacher-laugh test!! :D
Oh, and my Wait What collection lives in your community lol and WTF also lol
@LadyLuna I don't think you have!! D:
I'm sure I've done this.. I think it was by accident tho. Sry!!!
@LAVONYORK hmm I don't like cranberry juice we're like complete opposite lol
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