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Hey guys! Back with more fantasy baseball news to help you prepare for the upcoming draft!
The "hot-spot" or 3rd base is one of the hardest positions to fill in fantasy baseball. There are only a handful of solid guys to nab, which makes this a "Reach" position to fill.
Is Boston's Pablo Sandoval the best value bat available at 3rd base?
In 2015, Pablo had a down year, posting a statline of 245 AVG with 10 HR and 47 RBI. He also missed around 30 games due to injury.
Pablo got off to a bad start and seemed to never rebound in 2015. This isn't too different from a lot of his previous years though, as Sandoval often gets better as the season progresses.
The big issue with Pablo is getting in baseball shape. Pablo is only 5-11 but weighs 245 pounds. That's a pretty hefty weight total for a guy his size. This may possibly effect his conditioning and bat speed.
With that being said, it looks like Pablo is in great shape coming into the year. Boston has a nice mix of young talent and grizzled vets. At 29, Pablo is also in the prime of his career. He is a proven winner and capable bat. Over his career, he has shown great patience at the plate, posting a career average of 288. If you can get guys on in front of him, he can make plays to bring them home.
What do you think? Should you nab or pass on Pablo Sandoval?
Big should've never left us.
Hell no. Would never take him haha