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Alright so some things about me.... -I am all over the place -I have a wide range of emotions (I am an emotional squirrel. Meaning: I have a very low attention span and I can change in a second) -I get easily excited -I am the eldest of 2 kids -Harry potter I LOVE IT -I've been called weird my whole life -I tend to make weird noises at random -I also tend to get quiet for no reason -pickles are life -I can be very fierce -I love to sing and dance -I want to move to Korea some day -I tend to be overly cute (I may annoy you) -but I can also give you the most evil look you've ever seen in your life -people say I look approachable and people do approach me all the time but I really wish they wouldn't -I love being alone -I hate being alone -I am very indecisive -I have yes jams -puppies
I forgot who I had in mind crap
@ashleyemmert oh mine does the same thing lol my eyes can be really dark than they can be a really light brown but yeah there no where compared too yours there really pretty馃榿馃挄
I would say taehyung or Jhope 馃挄馃槉
@ElleHolley baekhyun is already my bae 馃槏 and ken too 馃槀
@KhrystinaLee Awww I would love to do something like that
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