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Let's Learn Korean: Fruits !

Hello ! Here's another card for the learning of the Korean language ! This time we will be learning The Fruits in Korean !
과일 (Gwail) -Fruit •바나나 (Banana) -Banana (it's the same) •복숭아 (Boksunga) -Peach •수박 (Subak) -Watermelon •망고 (Manggo) -Mango •파인애플 (Painaepeul) -Pineapple •살구 (Salgu) -Apricot •크랜베리 (Keuraenberi) -Cranberry •포도 (Podo) -Grape •프룬 (Peurun) -Prune •자두 (Jadu) -Plum
오렌지 (Orenji) -Orange •사과 (Sagwa) -Apple •토마토 (Tomato) -Tomato •딸기 (Ttalgi or Ddalgi) -Strawberry •체리 (Cheri) -Cherry •메론 (Meron or Melon) -Melon •자몽 (Jamong) -Grapefruit •무화과 (Muhwagwa) -Fig •블루베리 (Beulluberi) -Blueberry •레몬 (Remon or Lemon) -Lemon
That's today's lesson ! Hope you guys enjoyed it ! ALSO ! I just realized I don't have a tag list for Lets Learn Korean , so if you would like to be tagged in every post I make for Lets Learn Korean please tell me ! For Now I'll just tag my KPOP MEME tags I also just downloaded the Line App and I need friends ! Add me : bryyyaanna @jessicaacosta90 @BriannaN @SugaMint @KaeliShearer @Jinnyrod3 @thedopeshow1994 @MadAndrea @Xoxojessica12 @CheyanneLindsey @Jinislife @RKA916 @Rebecca22 @bubblekookie @SunnaWalo @BekiKunstman @BetseyBleau @jenjenkhreim @MahelySandoval @KatMejia @EmilyGardner @PamelaPenaloza @CourtneyNance16 @GoldenV @ZinZin123 @LaynicornLay @Sakimaki @faith92 @ESwee @cardboardart @ForeignGal @Xoxojessica12 @MichelleIbarra
id like to be tagged please
I remember Strawberry cause of the Crayon Pop subunit Strawberry Milk! (ddalgi ooyoo!)
Please tag me
@KiinLyr yes of course! 😊
@kpopandkimchi I've never listened to Crayon Pop before , I've always wanted to. Are they good ? 😊 and what I like about the fruits in Korean is that a lot of them are basically the same in English
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