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Hey Guys! It's the time of the week again for Fab Five Hair Report! Spring break is almost coming up and this mean people are prepping for the concert season. This week is filled with festive-inspired hair so if you're a big fan of the boho-look you'll love this.

1. Lilac Hair & Simple Fishtail Braid

This the most beautiful version of lilac hair I've seen. It has a hint of washed-out blonde and the platinum effect is simply gorgeous. With a hair color like this, a single fishtail braid adds the perfect boho touch.

2. Braided Crown and a Messy Bun

Chances are you'll be see this hair do at concerts. Why? Pulling your hair up for a concert is a wise choice. There's a bunch of people so the temperature will get humid. This flattering updo is does the trick of keeping you cool while looking good!

3. Glitter Roots!

Sometimes you just need a little bit of glitter in your hair. I can't get enough of this because it looks magical. Festive concert is the perfect excuse to wear this hair!

4. Aqua Green and Full Plaits

First of all, the blend hair is pretty slick! It's rare to find a colorist who knows how to compliment the shape of the head and give the right transition to create a natural gradient. This is seriously so feminine and perfect! Super plus for braiding this on short hair!

5. Green Hair + Game of Throne Inspired Braids

We're not done with green just yet! So, Guy Tang share this for St. Patrick's day and I am absolutely loving this masterpiece. Really, how did all those braids come together? The fishtail braid looks like it came out of nowhere! I will try to figure it out this weekend! That's it for now!! Have a great weekend everyone!
I want an occasion to be able to wear those glitter roots!!!!
Omg these styles are gorgeous. I love how style evolvs at music festivals. Somehow we always get back to the 60s
@TessStevens True! Fashions are always recycled. This proves the classics are never too old.