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Hey guys! New day, new battle!
I have always had a love for battling, and was a huge fan during the red, blue and gold days. So in honor of that era, I have decided to let loose a nice run of "pick em" cards.
Basically, I will choose two random and cool pokemon to battle. You choose who you think would come out on top if you were the trainer going into battle!
Pokémon: Jynx
Style: Ice, Psychic
-Max HP: 334
-Max Attack: 216
-Max Defense: 185
-Max Speed: 318
Cool moves: Draining Kiss, Lick, Psychic, Hyperbeam, Blizzard, Ice Beam,
Pokémon: Dugtrio
Style: Ground
-Max HP: 274
-Max Attack: 284
-Max Defense: 218
-Max Speed: 372
Cool moves: Earthquake, Fissure, Dig, Thief, Sandstorm, Rest, Substitute

Who do you think would come out on top in this battle?

I'm going with dug trio in this one, the key factor in my opinion is what moves dugtrio has.. But most Importantly SPEED. He can attack much faster. Also if a trainer adds moves to decrease accuracy of Jynx he can overcome him in battle
Jinx because it can cover the ground in ice therefore dugtrio can't dig or pop out from the ground
I think Dugtrio will win. Jinx has some harsh moves, but if you play your cards right, Dugtrio could pull out a win, especially with its dig.