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So in case you didn't know, Vingle is actually really big in Korea!

I already made a card before about idols on Vingle but @FalseLove posted this card and reminded me of another Idol-Vingler :D

1. MYNAME - Seyong!

>> @MYNAMEKYong ! <<

He actually started some kind of contest with the fans that if they got this card past 10k comments they would do an event...and they DID!

2. Anda!

I don't know her username, but she shared a picture HERE of a card about her on Vingle! (It says "more than a model, this model-like solo singer Anda)

3. 2PM - Taecyeon

I don't know his account either, but he has Tweeted Vingle links before on his personal and OKCAT twitter^^ HERE!

Who else could be lurking around!?

They be lurkin' 'n possibly twerkin' I'M SO SORRY. I SAW AN OPPORTUNITY AND I TOOK IT.
@kpopandkimchi I made a taecyeon card a while back where in I said he was the father of my children..... IM IN HUGE TROUBLE @@jessicaacosta90
FUUUCKKK I'm taking down my fan fiction lol I can't breathe I'm freaking out there went my fan fic
*quickly goes for Kai and Jackson and Jin one and for GD* okay good wait *looks for Leo and Ravi* oh god I'm finish for (TAT)
as long as they avoid the fanfiction area we r good lol
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