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I have seen a lot of these lately and @PrincessUnicorn has already shipped me with Big Bangs T.O.P (P.S this picture was when I was in 8th grade at a band competition)
Okay some of these facts I already told @PrincessUnicorn so I might add some more Lets get started
Who do you ship me with? • I am 5'3 • I love to dance and sing, sometimes I write songs •My friends tell me I act like the mom of the group 😂 •When I meet new people I am really quiet and shy, but once you get to know me I am random and playful as heck • Umm, I have brown hair and brown eyes? • I really love Big Bang heheheh • I am more of a hip hop person but cant dress like it 😂 •I sometimes do random stuff and make weird faces ---------------------------------------------- New facts now • When it comes to dancing I take it very seriously like as if I was a trainee myself especially when it comes to dance projects • I used to be in Athletics for 2 years but now that high school started I only had to chose two electives so I chose band and dance ( but I still work out ) • I play the clarinet • I also love BTS and a lot more groups I guess thats all, unless I can come up with more stuff. So thats some facts/characteristics of me let me know who you ship me with either in the comments or you can message me.
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Jimin of bts
VIXX Ken 😊
Astro's Sanha!
The moment I read "I sometimes do random stuff and make weird faces" my mind instantly when J-Hope. Even after reading everything else my mind still went J-Hope.
Based solely on the description you gave I ship you with Mino from Shinee.