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ALRIGHT I just watched the most recent episode of ERASED and holyyy crapp!!!! Just so much going on.

The OP without Satoru in it & more

This really set the scene for the rest of the episode - the title of the show in Japanese is actually "The Town Without Me" or something like that, so suddenly it's really appropriate. To finish his task, Satoru had to disappear, basically. And while I thought he was dead for like .2 seconds, the end of the teacher's backstory said that he was alive. But where was he? The OP played on that suspense really well!
Also, the eyes aren't blacked out anymore, there are spider threads added in, and Yuuki isn't in jail anymore. Impressive work here!!

This is how I feel about Satoru's Mom

SERIOUSLY. Best mom!!!!! No matter what the situation or timeline, she has proven herself again and again and again to be the best mom. I love her too much!!

I'm totally okay with Kayo / Hiromi.

I mean, I don't think it was ever Kayo & Satoru's story. Really, it was about Satoru saving a lot of people - the main one just happened to be Kayo. I don't think his attachment to her was ever romantic, people just perceived it as such because he was working so hard to protect her. He loves her, sure, but not like that. Though he might have a little bit, I don't think it's a big deal.
This show is about SO MUCH MORE than that ship!!! Satoru saved both of them, and thanks to him, they were able to create a new life (aka cute baby!) together. How touching is that???? They may not realize it, and he may not either, but it's kind of poetic how his life saved theirs, and they created another!

Where.....is Airi?

I won't say more than that bc not everyone has read 800 billion manga spoilers like me, lol, but I'm just....wondering.....I think I need to read the manga....

Kenya is still the bomb.

Seriously, he is!! He doesn't push Satoru, even though Satoru can totally tell he wants to. He is working with good guy reporter to try to still find out the truth AND he's a lawyer. And a good friend. And cute!! (I can say that now that he's an adult, lol).

I was so frustrated that he couldn't remember.

I just kept thinking: He's working so hard!!!! He has to remember....he has to have a reason for suddenly being inspired to do something about it! JUST REMEMBER SO YOU can stop trusting this idiot who isn't worth trusting...AND Satoru!! You've already made that mistake once. Save yourself!!! Yoshiro set up some sort of trap with Kumi and you and ajakjkchghhrghgh. Argh. ARRRGH.



I'm really excited for this show to end. So that I can read the manga!!!
I've heard SO much about the extra back story, development, and different way that the ending is coming about, so I'm really excited to actually get to read into those details. I could do it now, but I prefer to keep the story lines separate so I can keep tabs on how they differ a bit better.

ANYWAYS! One more episode to go!!

I was literally refreshing my feed more often than usual waiting for this card! And yosss, I agree with you completely.. - His mom is the real mvp :') - Kayo while it threw me off when I saw the baby and found out she was married.. I still can understand - Where is Airi???????? -Kenya is awesome sauce! and the home slice! - I know I was soooo frustrated how close the dude was to Satoru and the fact that he couldn't remember! - When he said "I have my memories back".. I was like bruh... (There goes the escape plan) Like I don't know who in the right mind would tell the killer I know who you are to his face while your in wheel chair... but I guess " plot"
I just stayed up last night and Binge watched the whole thing and I can't get enough of the anime. it's plot story progression and character development is on par with stiens gate
@hikaymm I hope so too...but I guess we'll have to wait and see!
@simplynick LOL thank you for looking forward to this <3 RIGHT though i also would totally have not told him like that. I hope that he told Kenya & Hiromi what he was palnning to do bc I think Satoru knew before that moment.....