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I love Twix bars.
The blend of caramel, milk chocolate and cookie is without flaw. I can't get enough of the stuff and apparently I'm not alone, as the company makes a killing off the product.
Today, Twix set the internet on fire with the announcement of a Twix "spread" that will be sold by the jar.
Lord be with us.
The spread is essentially a broken down, jarred up Twix, with chocolate and caramel flavors plus a little crunch courtesy of the bar’s crispy biscuit pieces. It’s available in 200 gram jars and costs about $3.
I don't know who thought of this creation, but they are a walking legend in my book. My god I can't wait to get a jar of this stuff, it's probably amazing!
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le gasp!!!!! 😲 I'm all for this!