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What would you say?
I wouldn't be saying anything because I'm really emotional so I'll probably be crying instead
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asdfghjk hi
2 years ago·Reply
you are amazing. keep being you. you are always in my thoughts. stay strong and don't forget to rest.. I love you. bye *gets pulled away security* I doubt I'd even say that though.. I'd probably be too shocked that I'm so close. and just grin really wide with tears of joy streaming down my face.
2 years ago·Reply
honestly I wouldn't be able to say anything because I wouldn't believe they were right in front of me 🙈
2 years ago·Reply
are you my daddy? no, do you want to? wink wink lol
2 years ago·Reply
Thank you. You're music and passion saved me from a really bad place in life. Thank you.
2 years ago·Reply