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Hello again Vingle Fam!

As some of you may know, @JamiMilsap came up with a great idea to start a social media campaign in the hopes of grabbing the attention of GD, BIGBANG and/or Jay Park and getting them to send @BBxGD a Hello.

The original card can be seen >>>HERE<<<
If you are not aware of what is going on with BBxGD and why we are trying to do this for her, please check out >>>THIS CARD<<<

In her card, @JamiMilsap wrote:

"Why don't we try to reach G-Dragon and/or YG and/or any and all of the BigBang members and let them know our friend's story, how much she loves them all, and how they could bring her so much happiness and encouragement with just a simple "Hello!"I was thinking we could inundate them with messages on every SNS that we could think of and maybe .... just MAYBE ... one of them will notice."

Earlier this week I asked you to send me pictures of your hands in prayer or holding hands with another person, You took to Instagram, Twitter and Vingle with your pictures and they were beautiful. @lovetop used some of those photos to put together the image above.

This image is one of two we will be using for the campaign.

You can use this image for Twitter, IG, Facebook and any other social media you like. This is the general image we will use and it works for all idols we are trying to reach.

This is the second official campaign image. This wonderful drawing was made by @jessicaacosta90 as a gift to BBxGD.

This fits the message of what we are trying to do, especially in trying to reach G-Dragon.

This image is to be used on all social media outlets when you are reaching out to G-Dragon. So this a G-Dragon specific image.

Here are the social media accounts to tag:
G-Dragon InstaGram @: xxxibgdrgn
G-Dragon Twitter: @IBGDRGN
Seungri InstaGram @: seungriseyo
Seungri Twitter: @ForvictoRi
Taeyang InstaGram @: _youngbae_
Taeyang Twitter: @Realtaeyang
TOP InstaGram @: choi_seung_hyun_tttop
YG Instagram @fromyg
Jay Park Instagram @jparkitrighthere
Jay Park Twitter @JAYBUMAOM
Credit to @JamiMilsap for finding most of those for us.
If you're unsure what to write in your social media posts, feel free to use the samples below:
Dear Mr. Kwon,
My friend has recently been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer. She is facing a long, difficult battle and since you are her hero, I would like to ask you to please send her a Hello on her social media accounts. It would really brighten her day and give her strength to beat this disease. IG: @bbxgd_ Twitter: @BBxGD_88 Thank you! #BBxGDFighting2016
You can change the name to whichever BB member you are sending the message to.
Dear Mr. Park,
My friend has Multiple Myeloma, a rare blood cancer. She is a big fan of yours and she could really use some encouragement to help to her fight this. Could you please say Hello to her on her social media? It would really mean the world to her. IG: @bbxgd_ Twitter: @BBxGD_88 Thank you! #BBxGDFighting2016
You will need to shorten your message for Twitter.
Feel free to write your own message. Make sure to stay focused on what you are intending to say. Try to refrain from fangirling in your posts. We want to get our message across and the best way to do that is by being concise. Feel free to link BBxGD's Vingle profile in your post. By giving her an identity, we strengthen the appeal to these idols. https://www.vingle.net/BBxGD
Don't use her real name, only her Vingle SN. We want to protect her privacy.
Do add one of the picture above.
Do include the hashtag #BBxGDFighting2016 to all your posts.
Do tag me in your posts so I can track our efforts. IG: @ZXX_HELIX_XXZ Twitter: @xHelixx
Do tag BBxGD so she can see your cards and gather strength from your support.


"Because it is not common knowledge in her family that she is sick, please ONLY use her Screen Name(s) in your messages, and NO pictures of her."

Credit to @JamiMilsap

I want to encourage you all to spam these idols with campaign posts. You can send them every day or even every hour if you like. Let's go viral. Let's make this happen for @BBxGD.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them my way!

BBxGD's tag list:
Hellix's taglist:
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I really hope they see it and send encouragement to help her get better soon!!!😁😁😁
Aww, I hope she gets back to full health quickly!! I'll do what I can to help!
I will try to help with the campaign by posting on Facebook since I only have that. I will do it once I have time
understood! FIGHTING we can do this! ❤❤❤
I will try to help with the campaign when I have less school things to do (I have an 8 pg research paper due soon) but I'll squeeze in time!
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