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This past St. Pat's Day, my friend sent me a video of a woman who is known as the Green Lady. Gee, I wonder why ;D

Some people would call her weird, others would call her rad...See for yourself!

For me, I think this woman is AWESOME!

She's spreading positivity, doing what makes her happy, and looks SO cute!

Plus, honestly, her house isn't THAT bad? Her kitchen is actually pretty cute! If everything was green I might be a little overwhelmed but I think she does it in a perfect way :)

What is something awesome and quirky about you!?

For me: When I was little people used to call me the girl with a thousand voices :) I really like practicing and perfecting accents! If you ever need me to, I can walk you through every accent in the UK/Ireland (every area is unique!)
Tagging some LR friends!
I used to memorize books and movies when I was a kid, word for word right down to the way the actors pronounced their lines. it was like I had to finish once I started. now I'm lucky if I remember what I ate for breakfast 馃様
I love stuffed animals, like they all have names and I still sleep with as many as I can fit on my bed with me, of course my first ever stuffed animal has an honorary spot that doesn't change, but I think that the weirdest thing about me that I don't like telling people is that I still have all my baby teeth(in a bag in a box) don't know why but I do 馃様馃檲
This woman is great! Just looking at her makes you smile. ..and @EasternShell Your collection sounds awesome!!
idk I think I was called lasagna girl as a kid or I created that idkk but it's because I eat all types of pasta mostly lasagna so lol
I guess this isn't really weird but for some reason I just like to make fun of people 馃槀 really stupid and pointless but I think it's funny for some odd reason
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