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I approached Terry Placker about hiring him as my coach--not really understanding what I was even looking for. The response I got was sobering. This guy is well known in the IFBB (and bodybuilding/physique) industry to produce winners!
It became clear that competition is serious business and requires more money than a rhinoplasty, which I recently had done! That doesn't count in the cost of foods, supps, and the cost of competing. Yeah, it's not free.
But I wonder, if after seeing these photos of some of Placker's athletes, if I should reconsider and actually do it.

Should I? Would you do it?

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@marshalledgar yea definitely!! your and @alywoah cards have been real inspirational for me, I been keeping up with my workouts because of yall
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Wow! That's really cool and great to hear @buddyesd If I start getting coached in April, I plan to be tracking my progress and updating it here for you to see
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@marshalledgar thanks I would appreciate that very much馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾
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Do whatever makes you happy dude ! As for me...will i do it? I like a little cushin for the pushin hahaa @marshalledgar
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@buddyesd ahhhh makes me so happy that i've inspired u!!! Keep up the good work :D
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